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4 Magick Spells For Weight Loss

When our world was young, people had to forage for food and water so that they and their family would survive. As humans found methods Baju Bola Grosir of preserving food, it became easy to eat during winter Baju Bola Grosir Murah months when food was scarce.
However, with the advent  of shops and supermarkets, it has become so easy to get food and stock in our homes that many of us have surplus food that we have no qualms throwing away. While one part of the world suffers from devastating poverty, another part of the world has obesity in epidemic proportions.
It is easy to lose weight if we have the right attitude.  As in every other thing we do, it is our eagerness and self-confidence that will propel us to lose weight and reach our goals.
If we believe that we are losing weight, we will be able to feel the increased energy, eagerness to exercise and the will power to say "No" to unhealthy food.
On the other hand, if we don't believe that we have the power to change our shape, we succumb to cravings and try to fill boredom with food addictions.
If we eat healthy meals in the correct proportions and at the right times while taking every opportunity to move around every thirty minutes, we will have no problem maintaining our weight throughout our life. Magick can also enhance our will power and determination to reach our goals.
Here are four spells that will aid in your quest for that perfect figure:
Candle Weight Loss Spell
For this spell, you will need a candle to represent you. You may get a naked human figure candle for this purpose or get a regular large candle. Using a dull knife, carve the regular candle shape to look like an hourglass if necessary.
This candle now represents you as you are now.
Now take a pin and draw a line on the candle to represent the new You. Think of yourself as tailor making adjustments to a dress by adjusting the width of the garment.
Dress the candle with commanding oil while you visualize losing weight. Burn the candle for nine minutes daily.  Before the next day, chip away some of the wax from the candle to represent your weight loss.
Milk Bath Weight Loss Spell
A soothing bath usually relaxes our body and mind while allowing us to believe in our own powers to direct our lives. For this spell, we will need a carton of milk. It is best to work this spell on a full moon day so that we can utilize the power of the moon as well.
Gently warm the milk in a cauldron or a small Dutch oven.  When it is reasonably warm, take it off the stove and place it in a heat-safe place in the bathroom while you fix a bath or shower. Keep the milk close to the tub/shower as you get in and start your bath.
Test the milk again and slowly pour it over your head while you visualize getting thinner as the moon wanes.  Chant:
I wane as the moon wanes
Banish the pounds away!
Complete your bath/shower and relax in meditation for ten more minutes

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